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The Corporate Sponsorship Program enables ISGE to organize training sessions targeting gynecologists and practitioners. This kind of support is the starting point of all research projects, which are an integral part of the ISGE’ s commitment in the gynecological field. The ISGE’ s Sponsorship Program provides a company with the opportunity to connect with its target audience. Sponsors can indeed benefit from presenting and promoting their technologies, products and services through the events organized by the ISGE, as well as corporate communication tools (website, newsletter, APP, etc.).

We trust these opportunities to be very appealing as they represent a secure return on investment from ISGE.
ISGE is also willing to give support in the development or testing of instruments, completing scientific trials or writing Guidelines. In this case get in touch with the ISGE Medical Director, Dr. Bruno Van Herendael at:

Whether your company wants to become an ISGE Corporate Sponsor or you have any query with regards to our Sponsorship Programs, or Your Company is interested in the ISGE Teaching programs or developing of teaching programs, or for all the other sponsorship inquiries, please get in touch with the ISGE Executive Director who coordinates all the ISGE activities at:

The ISGE is grateful to its Corporate Sponsors for their support.
Please fill out the form and we’ll start the conversation.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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