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2018 Ceana Nezhat 2.jpg

DR Ceana Nezhat                 


Present appointments: (position, Hospital, Dept., University) 

Fellowship Director – Nezhat Medical Center, Atlanta, GA

Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery & Robotics – Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA

I focused on advancing minimally invasive surgery  and made myself available to anyone interested. Medical student, physicians,resident, fellows, practicing physicians or anybody!


Believe it or not, the amount of interest was low until I changed my focus to the patients. I encouraged them to become self-advocate. Today, I believe that was the smartest move in my medical career. I see endo patients daily and I am happy to report that these patients are more educated than some of the physicians they have seen in the past. I believe by getting more involved with leadership of ISGE, I can contribute to the world more wildly.

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